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Asbestos was banned in the United States over 30 years ago, but Canadian organizations have been much slower to completely ban the material. A full ban is still not in effect. That means you are more likely to come across asbestos material that needs to be hauled off during construction and renovation work. If you need asbestos hauling services, it will require a company like us here at Guaranteed Services that can safely dispose of any asbestos material you encounter during your work.

rely on us for your asbestos hauling needs

We know that asbestos is not commonly used anymore, but you may still encounter such materials in your renovation or restoration work. Here are some of the materials that could contain asbestos and should be handled carefully if you are not sure about their asbestos status:

  • Wall material, including insulation
  • Ceiling material and insulation
  • Roofing material, like shingles and gutters
  • Fencing material
  • Pipes and plumbing insulation material
  • Flooring material
  • Fireplace flues

Trust Us with Your Asbestos Hauling Needs

Asbestos hauling requires special precautions in both the removal process and the disposal process, but when you rely on us for your asbestos hauling needs you will not need to worry about these problems. We will take care of it all. Just make sure that you mention that you have asbestos materials to be hauled away when you call to reserve a bin or our services. Asbestos can be a hazard to human health and also to the environment, which is why special precautions are necessary for these building materials. It is always better to be safe than sorry where asbestos is concerned.