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Garbage Bin RentalsAt Guaranteed Services, our garbage bin rentals are ideal for junk removal projects, small renovation projects, and for other waste disposal purposes. If you’ve decided to use one of our garbage bin rentals for an upcoming project, there are things you need to know about renting and using the container.

  • Know What Size You Need. Currently, we have 10-cubic yard, 14-cubic yard, 20-cubic yard, and 40-cubic yard garbage bin rentals available to residential properties. In order to ensure you have plenty of room in the bin throughout the duration of your project, think carefully about what size you need before you make a reservation. Our team is always available to help you with this part of the process.
  • Make Sure You Can Easily Access the Container. As you use one of our garbage bin rentals, it is critical that you can easily access the container for the sake of your safety and for convenience. Before we drop off your bin rental, assess your property and figure out a spot where the dumpster can go that is on level ground and free from any surrounding obstacles.
  • Understand What Can and Can’t Go in the Bin. Although many types of materials can be placed in our garbage bin rentals, there are certain materials that are not allowed in them. For example, we do not allow you to dispose of hazardous materials, like gasoline, in our containers. If there is something you want to dispose of that you aren’t sure is permitted, please check with us before placing it in one of our containers.