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At Guaranteed Services, we love helping those in the Barrie, Ontario area complete the projects they have around the house in an organized fashion. Any renovation or remodeling project you have, or even decluttering a garage or attic, will go more smoothly when you have a dedicated place to put the debris and things you no longer need or want. Our mini-bin rentals are ideal for these smaller projects, as they won’t take up the space of a larger waste bin, yet have quite a bit of capacity. Here are a few things you should know about our mini-bin rentals.

Things You Should Know About Mini-Bin Rentals [infographic]

  • Reservations – We recommend reserving your mini-bin ahead of time so we can collect your deposit and arrange to drop it off on your preferred date.
  • Choose Location – We’ll drop the bin in your preferred spot (and even take steps to protect the driveway!)
  • Stay on Schedule – Our mini-bin rentals keep you on schedule, as you won’t have to make multiple trips to the landfill.
  • Take Your Time – We know that most projects aren’t done in a day, so our mini-bin rentals allow you up to 6 nights.
  • Filled it Up? – No worries– we’ll come pick it up and arrange to bring you another one if need be.
  • Includes Disposal – Your fee for mini-bin rentals includes us disposing of the bin’s contents, although we do not allow hazardous materials that could create a health risk or be harmful to the environment or other people.
  • Businesses Too! – Our mini-bin rentals are ideal for many businesses, as well. For example, a roofing company may need a mini-bin for a roofing tear-off for a location that won’t accommodate a larger bin.