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Garbage Bin Rentals are Handy for Preparing for an Estate Sale
Being the person in charge of clearing out the home of a deceased loved one is challenging in so many ways – both physically and emotionally. As you prepare for the estate sale, you’ll inevitably come across many things that nobody in the family wants and the estate sale company doesn’t deal with. While you could try to sell those things other ways, that takes time, which further extends this trying time. If you have a fair number of things to dispose of, garbage bin rentals will be the ideal way to go.

Garbage bin rentals are available in many different sizes, from a smaller 10 cubic yard size up to large 40 cubic yard ones. If you are concerned about having one on the property for too long, you can arrange for same-day service where they drop off and pick up the bin on the same day. This works out great if you have already sorted through everything and have it in one spot ready to dispose of. If space inside doesn’t permit you to work this way, you can do an extended rental and add things as you come to them.

There is considerable time savings with garbage bin rentals over other disposal methods you could do. Even if you have curb trash pickup, that may not be viable if you have a lot to put out or items that aren’t allowed. Taking your haul to the landfill would take time and a truck to do it with.

If you would like to know more about garbage bin rentals, contact us at Guaranteed Services. We are your reliable source in the Barrie, Ontario area, and we promise you’ll receive friendly and courteous service throughout this challenging time of preparing for an estate sale.