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With all the talk of decluttering and living in a clean, minimalist space these days, at Guaranteed Services, we thought we’d remind you just how easy it is to clean out your overflowing closets and cluttered garage by having a roll-off bin delivered. Contact us today to schedule a time for delivery and pick-up!

6 Steps to De-Cluttering Your Space with a Roll-Off Bin Rental [infographic]

1.   Settle on the scope of your project—Are you cleaning out multiple rooms in your house? Do you have plans to de-junk your basement, garage, or shed? A roll-off bin is ideal for any of these projects.

2.   Decide on a size for the roll-off bin—If you need help deciding on a bin size for your project, we can help! All you have to do is call us.

3.   Separate your items—As you go through the space you’re decluttering, separate recyclables and identify items to donate or use for a garage sale. Anything that’s leftover can go into the roll-off bin.

4.   Start putting stuff in your roll-off bin—While you might have to make several trips out your front door, adding stuff to your roll-off bin bit by bit is much less time-consuming and strenuous then putting things in a pile, letting them sit, and trying to decide how to dispose of them.

5.   Call us to come and pick up the bin—After your roll-off bin is full and you’re done with your project, give us a call! We’ll come and pick up the bin at a time that’s convenient for you.

6.   Enjoy your newly de-cluttered space—There’s nothing else like a home that’s organized and free from unwanted or unused items. Sit back, relax, and enjoy it!