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We offer a range of waste containers to make the junk removal process easier than ever.

Junk Removal in Angus, Ontario
When it comes to a large-scale construction or renovation project, your everyday garbage cans probably aren’t going to be able to handle all the waste material that the project will generate. For a project of that size, you’re going to need to enlist professional junk removal services. If you are looking for junk removal services for your project in the Angus, Ontario area, our team at Guaranteed Services is just right for the job.

At Guaranteed Services, we realize that you are going to want to focus your energy on completing your project, rather than having to distract yourself with concerns about where to dispose of the waste material. Our junk removal services are designed to let you keep your attention on your work—we’ll drop off a waste removal bin when you’re ready to begin your efforts, then pick it up once it’s full and dispose of the contents at proper facilities.

We also know that waste removal bins can raise worries about potentially damaging your property, which is why we take steps to alleviate these concerns—we will work with you to determine the best spot for the bin before placing it  and will pad it with a layer of plywood under the touch points so that it does not damage your lot.

If you are planning a construction or renovation project, then you will need to secure reliable junk removal services. Our team at Guaranteed Services can provide the waste bins you need and dispose of their contents when the work is complete. Call our team today to learn more about what our junk removal services can do for you.

At Guaranteed Services, we offer junk removal in Barrie, Innisfil, Elmvale, Midland, Angus, Orillia, Wasaga Beach, Midhurst, Coldwater, Shanty Bay, Stayner, and Craighurst Ontario.


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