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We can make sure your construction waste bins are the right size for your project in Barrie, ON.

Construction Waste BinsConstruction waste bins are the perfect tool for all of your construction waste removal needs. Because of the specific needs of each project, the time you need a construction waste bin might be for a single day of demolition or for a rolling schedule of demolition over many days. Selecting the right provider for your construction waste bins should depend on your needs and the speed and ease of service.

Another major concern for construction waste bins is the various fees and surcharges that are assessed in addition to the fee for the bins themselves. Administrative, environmental, or fuel costs are often added after the quote, so you’re left with a much higher bill than you were expecting. Because we don’t want there to be any unwanted surprises, we’ll never tack on extra fees after giving you a quote.

4 Things You Should Know About Our Construction Waste Bins

Any construction project, no matter the level of demolition, is going to produce debris. If you have a construction project coming up and are getting quotes for different construction waste bins, at Guaranteed Services, we want to tell you a little bit more about our bins and what to expect from our rental process:

  1. We have multiple sizes—Not all of our construction waste bins are the same size, so you have the flexibility to pick the right one for the scope of your project. If you are unsure about the size you need, we are happy to help! We can make recommendations based on your project and the amount of waste you expect it to produce.
  2. You can’t put everything in a construction waste bin—While our construction waste bins are designed specifically for building materials, like shingles, drywall, etc., you cannot put hazardous or flammable materials in them. Ask us more about how you can dispose of these items properly.
  3. Our rates are fair—We know renting waste bins for a construction project can elevate the cost of your project, but we assure you our rates are fair and competitive. After you get a quote, we think you will be pleasantly surprised by what we charge!
  4. We make things easy—You want your construction project to run as smoothly as possible, and we help you do that. We guarantee on-time delivery and pick-up, hassle-free scheduling, and a level of customer service that’s tough to find anywhere else.

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Not everything can go in our bins– here’s a handy list of dos & don’ts!

What can and can't go into construction bins

Bins from us at Guaranteed Services don’t accept waste that’s considered hazardous or of an immediate, large-scale, or irreversible health concern to fellow citizens or the environment.  By selecting the right size of bin for your job, you can be sure that the bin will fit where it needs to fit, has the capacity for what you require, and plan for how quickly you might need it picked up or replaced.

The right size and capacity of construction waste bins is very important to the success of your demolition, renovation, and construction jobs. Working with us at Guaranteed Services will make sure you have the right size bin for your job, that it’s delivered where and when you need, and that the bin is picked up when full. We offer delivery and pick-up for our clients and customers in Barrie, ON. Contact us today for more information about our construction waste bins.

At Guaranteed Services, we offer construction waste bins in Barrie, Innisfil, Elmvale, Midland, Angus, Orillia, Wasaga Beach, Midhurst, Coldwater, Shanty Bay, Stayner, and Craighurst Ontario.

Timely drop-off and removal of dumpster.


“Timely drop-off and removal of dumpster for our new roof. Large enough bin for our old roof to fit in and any scraps from the new roof. Quiet drop-off and pick-up, especially with it being early in the morning.”

★★★★★ C.B. July 2019

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